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Mark 8:27-38

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Narrative Lectionary

Mark 8:27 - 9:8 Commentary by Raquel S. Lettsome 2016
Mark 8:27-9:13 Commentary by Elizabeth Shively 2012

Mark 8:27-38 Commentary by Micah D. Kiel 2015 - 16 Pentecost 
Mark 8:27-38 Commentary by Matt Skinner 2012 - 16 Pentecost
Mark 8:27-38 Commentary by Alyce M. McKenzie 2009 - 15 Pentecost

Mark 8:31-38 Commentary by Michael Rogness 2015 - 2 Lent 
Mark 8:31-38 Commentary by Marilyn Salmon 2012 - 2 Lent
Mark 8:31-38 Commentary by Sarah Henrich 2009 - 2 Lent

Mark 9:2-9 Commentary by Matt Skinner 2015 - Transfiguration of Our Lord
Mark 9:2-9 Commentary by Sarah Henrich 2012 - Transfiguration of Our Lord
Mark 9:2-9 Commentary by James Boyce 2009 - Transfiguration of Our Lord

Word & World

Denying Self, Bearing a Cross, and Following Jesus: Unpacking the Imperatives of Mark 8:34 by Matthew L. Skinner

Women in the Gospel of Mark by Joanna Dewey

The Beginning of the Good News: The Epiphany Gospels in Mark and John by Paul S. Berge

The Way of the Cross: Markan Texts for Late Pentecost by Donald H. Juel

Who Do You Say That I Am? by Kathlee McManus

What Does This Mean? A Four-Part Exercise in Reading Mark 9:2-9 (Transfiguration) by David J. Lose

Hearing the Good News: The Message of the Kingdom in Mark by James L. Boyce

The Markan Story by Francis J. Moloney

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Mark 8:27-9:29 Jesus Teaches about His Passion and Resurrection for the First Time

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Mark 8:27-38 

Mark 9:2-9